About Me

@jamieshark and Charmander - by neil.t.tattoos

Hi everybody! I'm Jamie, and if you don't know I like sharks, now you know. I'm an engineer currently living in Chicago. My primary expertise lies in UI component work and design system development, but I have enjoyed platform work and figuring out how to "Marie Kondo" technical debt. When I'm not poking computers, I like playing video games, weight lifting, and holding paws with my dog.

My developer journey began when I was working an entry-level job at a media agency. As I was assigning tickets to the clearly overworked front-end devs on my team, I wanted to help them out. I did, after all, had a pretty successful Sonic Adventure 2 Geocities site. My then-boss took a pretty big chance to offer me a full-time position, and I haven't stopped googling how to learning how to code since that day.

I've since worked as a programmer at Northwestern University, ZURB, Dropbox, Trello, Atlassian, and I am currently at GitHub.

Other pertinent info: (E/I)NTJ, [☀️ Libra, 🌛 Aries, ⬆️ Aquarius], 5w4, Ravenclaw, Charmander4Ever